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Plettac Contur

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Multi-purpose scaffolding that adapts to a broad range of applications, such as industry and construction, arched and other irregular structures, staging and grandstands.


The modular Plettac Contur scaffolding offers a solution not only for conventional construction but also for versatile industrial projects and other special applications. Plettac Contur adapts, for example, to arched structures, staging and grandstands.

Four high-quality standard elements (vertical standards, base plates, horizontal supports and diagonal braces) can be built into just the right scaffolding for virtually any application, regardless of scaffold height, length, width or the needed angle connections.

The useful supplementary components complement the Plettac Contur scaffolding, making it the ideal solution for professional use in a broad range of applications with different foundations and vertical shapes.

The Plettac Contur modular scaffolding complies with the load-bearing requirements of the scaffolding load category 6.

Load category


Maximum load

600 kg/m2

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